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Windchimes from Grace Note Windchimes have earned the distinction of having the highest quality sound on the market. It's not even close. The sound from wind chimes originates with the vibration in the tubes. Each Grace Note wind chimes tube is born from pure brushed aluminum. Then, the suspension string is anchored at the resonant node of the tube, which is the spot on a vibrating tube that doesn't vibrate. This eliminates the interference of the string against the tubes. With this control over the sound, Grace Notes Windchimes is able to tune the wind chimes by hand. Using combinations of tunings and tube sizes, graceful and elegant melodies flood your patio or backyard with a beautiful soundtrack. They also make appreciated and thoughtful gifts.

The Anasazi people who occupied Chaco Canyon did not have windchimes, that we know of. Learn more about these early Native Americans in the book "Anasazi of Chaco Canyon", available at Buy the book: The Anasazi in Chaco Canyon (Kindle Version) or Anasazi Chaco Canyon (Paperback)

The Details Make the Difference in windchimes
Grace Note Windchimes feature a striker designed to prevent harsh overtones, ensuring the delivery of a satisfying, clear, musical experience. Our windchimes are made from tempered aluminum tubes, which are thicker for richer sound, and helps avoid the "tinny" sound prevalent in imported and lower quality windchimes. When the striker contacts the thick aluminum tubing at the resonant node, you get the musical sweet spot, and only the purest tones are radiated.