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When you personalize a gift, it should be memorable. Personalized Wind chimes are a gift idea that allows you to make a lasting, thoughtful impression.We provide the highest quality, best sounding windchimes available, and it's not even close. They are pure music. They are clear of tone and resonance, made with the highest quality materials, and the engraving is on the durable, brushed aluminum wind plate, a metal designed to stand the test of time, in any climate. In the years to come, your gift will serve as an attractive piece of garden or patio decoration and as a reminder of any special occasion, whether your order is for a wedding, anniversary, mother's day, father's day, birthday, or just a simple "thank you" gift. Windchimes with personalization are great for any gift giving occasion including Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas, Birthdays, Memorials, Housewarming, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.

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Quality in Wind Chimes is a function of the materials by which they are constructed, and the skill of the craftsman assembling the individual parts into the finished product. By far, the best sounding wind chimes are made by hand, in the United States. Founded by a musician 1982, our windchimes produce harmonically tuned tempered aluminum chimes with a unique suspension system. Pins inside are placed in the tempered aluminum wind chime tubes at the exact resonant node (the point in a vibrating tube that does not vibrate). This system reduces the resonance, producing a piece of tasteful hanging garden decor with an incredibly elegant sound. Wind chimes have come a long way since they were basically bells. The original windchimes were hand tuned by ear, using a guitar. These wind chimes are a finely crafted piece of garden décor, certain to delight anyone with a large or small garden, patio, backyard, or just hanging outside a window. They also make a great compliments to water features and wall fountains in the garden. The combination of sounds from a running waterfall, outdoor garden fountain, and a quality set of wind chimes cannot be beat for a relaxing and inspiring environment. While visiting our store, learn more about Wind Chimes and information on the use, display, and hanging of windchimes, then choose a size of chime from our selection.

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Wind Chimes Craftsmanship: The detailed craftsmanship involved in creating the highest quality windchimes you can buy make the difference. The top ring in our Wind Chimes is manufactured from tempered aluminum, far more resistant to cracking and drying than tops made of wood, rubber, or plastic. The chimes striker is made from polished softwoods, either redwood or cedar, depending on the tone. You will not find harsh overtones, and redwood and cedar are very rot resistant. Even the string is high quality custom braided Dacron material, very weather resistant. Our windchimes have thicker tubing, producing a richer sound, and unlike others, the suspension is via interior pins, placed at the exact resonate node. The tubes are suspended at varying levels, allowing the striker to hit each tube in the center, or musical “sweet spot”, radiating the purest tones, like a church bell. Your search is over, you've found the perfect personalized gift at a great price!

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