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The History of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been around since prehistory.  They have been used by all cultures in all parts of the world.  Beauty and art are basic needs of humans.  We have been making art for millennia, and windchimes are one form of artistic expression.  By using different materials and by varying the shapes, sizes and numbers of articles in the wind chime, we can make different kinds of music, bringing beauty into our everyday lives.

Wind chimes have been especially important in Asia.

In China, wind chimes have been used for thousands of years as an instrument of natural healing.  Wind chimes are thought to have a healing effect and to enhance the mind/body/spirit connection.  The resonance and vibration of windchimes relieves stress and opens emotional blocks within the body.  The music awakens the spirit and creates a sense of peace and calm.

Wind chimes are often hung from the roofs of Buddhist temples in profusion, so that, when the breeze moves them, the air is filled with their tranquil music.

In Japan and other countries, windchimes are became important in feng shui.  They enhance energy flow, uplift our spirits and dampen negative influences.  Very specific guidelines for the use of wind chimes in feng shui have been developed, including what materials to use, what shapes, how many rods and where to place them.

Feng shui windchimes have been handcrafted in Bali for centuries, and are part of Balinese culture.  Balinese feng shui windchimes are still in demand today.

In the West, wind chimes are valued more for their aesthetic qualities.  Wind chimes have been handcrafted out of whatever materials are available and hung where they will catch the breeze for centuries.  The gentle music of wind chimes has brightened life for peasants and kings alike.

Today, windchimes continue to bring beauty and art to our lives and they continue to be used in Chinese medicine and feng shui.  They are made of a wide variety of materials and may be tuned or untuned.  If they are tuned, it may be to any one of several different musical scales.  Hung indoors or outdoors, windchimes fill our homes with music.  They still bring beauty into our everyday lives.