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History of Windchimes

Windchimes have along and varied history around the world.  Although most scholars date the existence of windchimes as far back as prehistoric times in most cultures, they were most prevalent in the Far East.  They were predominantly found around sacred places, such as a Buddhist temple or a pagoda, because they were thought to help summon the spirits to these sacred places.  These wind chimes were intricately carved and used different sized bells to create different tones and were typically hung in the doorways of these structures.

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The use of wind chimes eventually spread to homes and they were thought to be a tool for healing of both the body and mind.  The Eastern people enjoyed the addition of the windchimes for both visual and acoustic reasons.  They were made from many different materials and were hung to add art to the home.  This use of windchimes in private homes eventually spread to the Western World due to the influence of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui became very popular in the Western World when people became interested in creating harmony in their lives through their environment.  Windchimes became a very important part of this movement to balance and many Western people began adding windchimes to their homes to help them gain balance.  The sound of wind chimes is very relaxing to most people and adding them to your home can help you to decrease your stress levels and relax.  They can also help to drown out outside noises, which can distract you.  The tones that the windchimes give out can help to increase your self-awareness and reduce anger or tension, which can help give balance to your home or garden.  Tubular windchimes are most often used in Feng Shui design. 

You can find windchimes that represent almost any culture in the world.  They have been made with almost any material that you can imagine, including shells, wood, and metals.  Different cultures have their own style and design of wind chimes, which helps to add variety to the choices for consumers.  The sound of windchimes in your garden or home is unlike anything else that you can imagine.  That is probably why they have had such a long and far-reaching history.