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How Do Wind Chimes Sounds?

The lovely twinkling sound of windchimes is something that cannot be matched by anything else.  Wind chimes can be made from almost any material that you can think of, including wood, glass, plastic, and metal.  Each of these materials makes a different sound tone, but all of the windchimes work the same way to create their own version of a melody.  How do wind chimes create their beautiful sounds?

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Wind chimes are composed of chimes and a striker or clapper.  The chimes can be made from metal pipes, pieces of wood, plastic tubes, or glass pieces, as well as other materials.  These pieces can be shaped and cut to make different sounds when they strike the striker or clapper.  This is why your wind chimes sound like they are creating a melody with different tones, rather than just sounds.  Depending upon how large your windchimes are, there can be just a few different chimes or there can be 50 or more chimes.  The chimes are an integral part of the wind chimes, but without a striker or clapper to strike against, the sounds would not be as clear and loud as they are.

The striker or clapper is usually made of wood or metal, but there are other materials that it is made in as well.  This piece is usually a circle that strikes against the chimes to make the sounds when the wind blows.  There is usually a flat piece of material that is hung under the clapper or striker and the chimes that weights down the clapper and also serves as a way for the clapper to catch the wind so that it can strike the chimes and make sound.  This clapper or striker serves a very important purpose as it is located in the middle of the windchimes and it helps to make the sounds that you enjoy.

There are precision-tuned wind chimes that work the same way as described above, but more time and effort is put into the chimes to help them all work together to great different tones that work together to create a harmony.  This time and effort includes shaping the chimes with different musical notes in mind, so that it creates a beautiful song that is in tune, rather than a discordant sound.  Whether you choose a precision-tuned windchime, a less expensive windchime, or wind chimes that you create on your own, you are sure to find that the music that they create brings joy to your life and your home.