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Materials Used In Windchimes

Wind chimes are a great addition to any home or garden.  The beautiful sounds that come from windchimes can instantly make you feel more relaxed.  People do not put much thought into their wind chimes, but the material that your windchime is made from can have a huge impact on the sounds that you hear.  That is why you want to determine what kind of materials that are available in wind chimes so that you can find the ones with the sound that you enjoy.

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The first wind chimes were most likely made of shells or other organic materials, including wood and stone.  These windchimes were hung in the doorways of buildings and in trees around the home.  The materials were strung together and then the wind helped them to create the sound that people love.

Now wind chimes can be made of just about any kind of material from wood to metal to shells.  They can be simple windchimes or they can be more complex wind chimes that are precision tuned for maximum sound.  Tubular metal windchimes give more of that tinkling sound that most people associate with wind chimes and are best suited for Feng Shui, but you may also find that other windchimes can meet your auditory needs, too. 

Some of the more unusual items that are being used to make wind chimes include CD’s, glass, and silverware.  You can find a windchime that is made from almost anything that you can imagine or desire.  You can even make your own wind chimes with just about anything, as long as it makes noise, if you would like so that you can have the perfect ones for your home or garden.  Just let your imagination run wild. 

A windchime is the perfect gift for almost any occasion or person.  You can find a wind chime that will mesh with almost anyone’s personal needs and interests.  By being able to choose what materials that your windchime is constructed of, you are sure to find the exact one for yourself or your friend or family member.