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Practical Uses of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be as practical as they are beautiful.  They have practical uses both inside and outside your home.  Here are five practical ways you can use windchimes in your home. Click to Personalize Wind Chimes as a Gift

  1. Check your ventilation system. Air should move through your home.  If it doesn’t, the air becomes stagnant and unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can develop.  You can keep a constant check on your home’s ventilation by hanging windchimes in strategic places.  The continuous gentle chiming tells you that you have adequate ventilation.  (Sometimes you can adjust the level of sound the wind chime makes.  It’s supposed to be pleasant, not drive you crazy.)
  1. Announce people coming into the room.  Hang a windchime in the doorway of a room, and it will alert you to someone coming into the room.  This can be useful if you work at home, for instance, and get immersed in your work.  The windchimes can alert you when your family comes into the room.
  1. Keep pests out of the garden.  Hang a large wind chime from a post in the garden to scare away deer and other pests.  You might also try hanging several higher pitched windchimes around the perimeter of the garden.  Some animals are more sensitive to the higher pitch. 
  1. Wind chimes have healing properties.  According to the principles of Eastern medicine and feng shui, wind chimes balance chi and bring about mind/body/spirit healing.  The harmonics produced by the wind chimes removes stress and opens blocked emotional chakra so that healing can take place.
  1. Warn you of a change in the weather.  Hang a windchime on the north side of your home, and it will only ring when the wind comes from the north.  That tells you that the weather is changing.  You can hang different sounding windchimes on each of the compass points to let you know which direction the weather is coming from.  There are even windchimes that sound different chords when the wind comes from different directions.

Wind chimes do have practical uses.  For the most part, however, we like the sound they make.  Hanging a windchime in your room or on your patio lends something elegant and serene to the atmosphere.  We may appreciate their practicality, but we love their music.