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Use of Wind Chimes In The Garden

Wind chimes add a nice decorative touch to any garden. However the placement of your wind chimes might depend on a number of factors.

The first factor is noise. Are you going to be disturbing anyone by placing your wind chimes in a particular place? For instance you might not want to place your wind chimes off the eaves of your house if it directly faces your neighbor’s bedroom. They should not have to be disturbed by the sound of the wind chimes every time there is a breeze.  For that matter, neither should you. If you don’t find the sound wind chimes soothing don’t hang them outside your bedroom window at night.

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The second factor has to do with whether or not you like birds. Some species of birds can easily be startled by the sound of ringing wind chimes. If you like birds you may not want to hang the chimes in a tree where they nest or off an eave in front of a window that has something like a hummingbird feeder just outside.

If you love the sound of wind chimes then you obviously want to place them where they can catch a breeze now and then. Hanging wind chimes within cloistered walls may not result in them making much tinkling music for you at all.

You should also keep in mind that wind chimes are a Feng Shui cure for dispersing negative energy (chi). So in this respect it can be a good idea to hang chimes wherever you think there might be a spot that has stagnant or bad energy in your yard. For instance an area of your yard that faces a church or a school is considered to be bad Feng Shui, so you might want to consider using wind chimes as a remedy by hanging them in area that blocks your view of the institution.

You can also use a Chinese Ba Gua compass to help figure out where the different Feng Shui areas are in your yard and what their elemental correspondences are. You can then hang chimes made out of an appropriate material in that area. For instance, wind chimes made out of metal or silver and hung in the north could augment your career sector and wind chimes made out of bamboo hung in the southwest corner (the career sector) of your garden can help bring more cash.