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Where to Hang Wind Chimes

There are different thoughts on where to hang wind chimes. Some of us simply hang them wherever they will catch the breeze and treat us to their music. You can also be more intentional about where you hang them.

Several ancient traditions suggest hanging windchimes in the doorway of you home to ward off evil spirits. Doors make this impractical, but a wind chime hanging just inside our outside the entry way is a good way to welcome friends.

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Feng shui divides your home and garden into five sectors corresponding with the center and the points of the compass. The intermediate compass points (northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast) are also important.

Some feng shui experts recommend only bamboo wind chimes, and some recommend only metal. One system of placing wind chimes for feng shui, however, uses different materials, shapes and numbers of chimes for each area. A simplified version of this system follows:

  • Center. The center is the health sector, and you can place any wind chime there.
  • East is the family sector. Bamboo or wood windchimes with four chimes bring peace and harmony to the family.
  • West is the children’s sector. Metal wind chimes with three chimes are best here. Soft metals, such as gold, are the best.
  • North is the career area. Glass wind chimes hung in the north part of your home or garden will bring career success.
  • South is the fame and future area. Glass or clay chimes are good to hang here.
  • Northwest is the area for attracting helpful people and for travel. Hang a metal wind chime with five chimes here.
  • Northeast is the area for knowledge. Clay wind chimes with seven tubes will be helpful here.
  • Southwest is for personal relationships. Clay wind chimes with an even number of tubes will ensure harmonious personal relationships.
  • Southeast is the wealth area. Bamboo or wood wind chimes with eight tubes are hung here to attract luck and wealth.

Whether you use a systematic method, like feng shui, to place your wind chimes, or you just hang them wherever it pleases you, windchimes are a great addition to your home environment. They create a sense of peace and tranquility and provide you with beauty in your everyday living.