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Why Use Wind Chimes in the Garden?

There are several reasons to use wind chimes in your garden, but the bottom line is we usually use them to create some kind of an emotional environment.

Some kinds of wind chimes that you would place in a garden are designed to create a meditative environment. These chimes are often used by people who prefer an Eastern style of spirituality, with its emphasis on serenity and meditation. Tibetan prayer chimes and Buddhist bells have that meditative quality to their sound.

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Some wind chimes evoke a sense of life and happiness. The tinkling almost sounds like children laughing, and it makes you think of summer and sunshine and freedom.

You might use windchimes to add to a sense of beauty. Some windchimes have the tonal property of classical music and they enhance an artistically designed outdoor living space.

You might choose windchimes that sound like rain or flowing water. They create a sense of peace and quiet, and are often used with a water feature to bring in the elements of wind and water.

Wind chimes have functional uses in the garden, too. They tell you that the wind is blowing, how hard it is blowing and they can tell you which direction it is coming from. Wind chimes are sometimes designed to help predict the weather by heralding a change in the wind.

You can try to use wind chimes to scare away animal pests like deer and rabbits. Placing windchimes along the perimeter of the yard may make them wary enough that they will leave your garden alone.

If you follow feng shui principles, using windchimes in the garden can improve your chi and keep negative aspects away. Wind chimes bring help from friends, luck, money and protection from evil. They protect the children and bring the family together. The create both an emotional environment and a spiritual one.

Mostly, we use wind chimes in the garden because we like the sound. We like to sit out on a cool evening and listen to the sound of the chimes. It is very sensual, and helps us tune into the world around us.