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Why Use Wind Chimes in the Garden?

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any garden as they add a touch of whimsy, music and art to an already gorgeous place. They come in so many designs today that the wind chimes can be an expression of your personality or simply be purchased to match décor. For instance if you have a tropically themed backyard complete with a swimming pool then you might want to opt for wind chimes made out of coconut, exotic tropical woods or seashells.

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It is very common too for people to use wind chimes in their garden to make a personal statement about themselves. For instance, Wicca gardeners often use natural motifs such as images of the moon or the goddess to symbolize their interests. If you are a big fan of a particular kind of bird then you can buy a chime that features it as part of its design in its scrollwork. Yet other people like to buy wind chimes that are representative of the animals that visit the garden such as squirrels or turtles. A gardener may want to buy chimes that have a floral theme; a wind chime with a tulip motif can accent a garden full of tulips.

Aside from serving an aesthetic purpose and sounding great, wind chimes can also be helpful when it comes to telling you which way the wind is blowing and if you can expect a storm any time soon.

Many eons ago, wind chimes were originally put in temple gardens by Japanese monks to scare away evil spirits and appeal for the luck and protection of nature spirits. The tiny tinkling noises that most wind chimes make is also said to attract fairies and good energy in general. In the practice of Feng Shui wind chimes are hung to disperse areas in the garden where you feel the energy is stagnant or stuck and that might be causing you problems in other areas of your life.

One of the most obvious reasons to put wind chimes in your garden is therapeutic. They are simply very relaxing and pleasant to listen to and improve your experience of sitting in your garden in general.