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Wind Chimes as Garden Décor

As garden décor, nowadays come in every theme and motif imaginable. Of course floral, bird and butterfly motifs are very popular for the garden as they pay homage to the tiny creatures that inhabit your space. Usually wind chimes have a carving, mold or sculpture of an animal attached to the top of the wood, plastic or metal armature from which the chimes themselves are suspended. Sometimes you can also get plastic chimes that have the shapes of birds or flowers molded out of plastic or metal that are intended to make the noises.

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Wind chimes look very enchanting hung in the classic places in the garden – off the branch of a tree, from the eaves of a house or from beams on the front porch. Just make sure that if you do enjoy the sight of squirrels or birds in your back yard that you do not hang the chimes too close to where they like to hang out.

It’s nice to get wind chimes that mimic some kind of popular flower or motif in your garden. For instance if your wind chimes constantly attract hummingbirds then chimes with a hummingbird motif in stained glass or silver metal might really add to the charm of your garden.

If you don’t want to make a racket you might want to consider getting tuned wind chimes as part of your garden décor. These types of chimes are also known as Aeolian chimes and are hollow tubes that are put together in a certain way so that when they chime they make a pleasant harmonic sound. If the sound that your wind chimes make is a nice one then the sound of them is also less likely to irritate the neighbors.

Aeolian chimes with big tube sizes are also a good idea because they tend to make a lower “furry” type sound that is not as hard on the ears as a bunch of bells chattering together in the wind or tiny tubes clashing against each other.

When you hang wind chimes in your garden you might want to consider hanging them near enough to your home so that you can also hear them when you are indoors. If they are particularly attractive it is also recommended that you hang them so that they can be viewed out of a picture window. This way you can enjoy the sight and sound of your wind chimes both inside and outside of your home even if they are hanging outside in the garden.