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Wind Chimes as Gifts

Wind chimes make beautiful and unusual gifts. You can make windchimes and give them as gifts with a personal touch, or you can purchase them. In either case, you can give a gift of wind chimes that is unique and chosen with a particular person in mind. Here are some ideas for using wind chimes as gifts.

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For your Buddhist friends you could choose a classic 16-bell Buddhist wind chime. This is an intricate array of sixteen small brass bells that can be hung indoors or outdoors. Or perhaps you could give them a Tibetan tabletop windchime.

How about a beautiful Shanti chime from the Pyranees mountains. These beautiful chimes are handcrafted and tuned to play beautiful music. You can choose from several different colors, and give a gift that is completely unique. Shanti chimes are usually placed indoors. If used outdoors, they need to be protected from the weather.

For Christian friends, you can find angel chimes, which are wind chimes held by an angel figure. They are tuned to the notes of favorite hymns, such as Amazing Grace.

If your friends like natural fibers and products, how about a set of bamboo wind chimes. They are all natural, usually hand crafted, and produce beautiful chimes.

Going one step further, you can get your tree-hugger friends ecofriendly, “green” wind chimes. These are made from recycled or sustainable materials and green manufacturing practices are used to make them.

If you have a particularly musical friend, you could get her a choir of wind chimes. You can get soprano, alto, tenor and bass wind chimes. They can all be tuned to the same scale so that they are harmonious when they play together.

Speaking of scales, you can give wind chimes that are tuned to the Gregorian scale, a pentatonic scale, or Balinese, Hawaiian or Himalayan scales. They can also be tuned to a particular song.

For an added touch, you can have the wind chimes engraved with the date, or with your friends name, or anything else of significance, making it a truly personal gift.

Homemade or purchased, windchimes make a wonderful gift that provides lasting beauty and pleasure, and communicates that you care and want to bring something special into your friend’s life.