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Using Windchimes in Your Garden

Your garden is the perfect place to hang windchimes. They catch the breeze and provide a relaxing counterpoint to the day. While you are gardening, you can enjoy their music, and when the work is done, you can relax to their gentle chime.

Wind chimes in the garden help create a peaceful place to rest and enjoy the outdoors. Your garden is a sensual experience. You see the greenery and the color of flowers and vegetables. You taste the sweetness of the produce. You smell the soft scent of flowers and herbs. You feel the cool breeze or the warm sun. You hear the sound of a water fountain and the tinkle of wind chimes. You are in a place of peace.

Personalized Gift: Wind Chimes

You can enhance the feng shui of your garden by placing wind chimes in certain areas. For instance, in feng shui, the west part of the garden is the children’s area. Hanging a wind chime that is made of silver or gold and has three tubes can bring peace and protection to the children’s area.

The east part of the garden is the family area. This is an ideal place to place a wind chime and a water feature. (Make sure the water and the wind chime are harmonious.) Add enough seating for everybody, and you have the perfect place for family gatherings.

Garden wind chimes can be made out of any ahrd material. Bamboo or other woods, metal, even rocks can be made into wind chimes. Each material has its own tonal quality. You can make your own, or you can purchase beautifully tuned wind chimes.

Wind chimes can also create a visual accent in your garden. Bamboo or wood windchimes add to the natural feel of the garden. Metal wind chimes catch and reflect the light. Some wind chimes have glass or crystal components that enhance their beauty. Some are large enough to be sculptural elements in the garden.

There are many ways to incorporate wind chimes into your garden, both visually and musically. There are many kinds of wind chimes to choose from. You can be very intentional about choosing and placing wind chimes to take advantage of feng shui. Or you can place them wherever they are pleasing to you. However you choose to do it, windchimes bring charm and peace to any garden, and enhance your outdoor living.