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Practical Uses of Wind Chimes

Although they are beautiful and make pleasing sounds, wind chimes have more uses then just being decorative. They have many other uses as well including uses for security, telling the weather and quieting children.

For one thing, wind chimes can help you predict the kind of weather that might be stirring up on the horizon. If the wind picks up then you will be the first to know as you will be able to hear the wind chimes tinkling. This is your cue to take in the washing or close the windows or whatever you need to do to protect yourself during a storm.

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Wind chimes can also help you tell the weather by showing you exactly which way the wind is blowing and what direction it is coming from. The stronger the cacophony of sounds from the wind chimes, the stronger the wind is.

Wind chimes can also help keep birds from flying into your window. This is especially true if the wind chimes are hung in a place where it is a bit breezy. The birds will be driven away from your windows by the sound of the bells.  You can also use wind chimes to drive birds away from bushes or trees where you don’t want them snacking on your berries or fruit. All you have to do is hang the wind chimes in the tree’s branches.

Wind chimes can also perform as a simple type of security. You can affix them to screen doors or other types of doors to alert you to the sound of someone entering your place. If the chimes are concealed on the inside of the door or even hanging from the doorknob then they can startle a potential thief and discourage entry.

Yet another practical use for wind chimes is as an amusement for babies. Hanging pretty wind chimes over an infant’s crib or in a nearby window can keep a young mind engaged for hours. Wind chimes can also be affixed to doors so that you know when a toddler is getting out of bed in the middle of a night.