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Why Wind Chimes Sound Great

Wind chimes sound delightful to the ears because the wind is the composer of the harmonics or disharmonies that are produced when they are moved. The chimes that sound the best are the ones that are based on music, chords and the science of matching musical tones.

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Musical wind chimes are also known as Aeolian chimes and are often arranged from a metal or wood armature in a circle or in a shape that represents the inside of a piano. They consist of tubes that are all the same size usually but some kinds of chimes have tubes of different sizes hitting each other. In yet other models it is the length of the metal tubing that creates the musical tone. These are the types of chimes that are usually made of metal tubing of some sort manufactured out of aluminum, nickel, copper or some kind of metal alloy. They are also often coated with a clear protective coating to prevent them oxidizing in the outdoors or becoming scratched out. However if they do become scratched up that is not of great consequences, as it does not affect the quality of the sound of a set of wind chimes.

You can also buy wind chimes that are tuned to different tonal scales. One harmonic scale that is quite common is what is called the Pentotonic scale, which is a scale of major notes that was first used in chimes in ancient Greece. You can also find this type of scale in soprano, tenor, alto and bass versions. Usually the larger the tube is the deeper the sound of the chime will be if it is hit by something.

Yet another interesting tonal scale for wind chimes is the Mongolian scale, which consists all of lower tenor notes and bass notes. Although they have very little to do with Christianity they sound very much like church bells when they are strike each other.

The important thing to remember about wind chimes is that they must be placed somewhere where they will receive a bit of a breeze or they will not make any beautiful music at all.