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Wind Chimes As Gifts

Wind chimes make beautiful gifts. They are manufactured from every material imaginable now so there is a type of wind chime to suit every type of person on your gift list.

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If the way a wind chime sounds is really important to the person you are giving the wind chimes to then you might want to go for a high quality set of piano type wind chimes that are made of brass, nickel, aluminum or a metal alloy. These types of wind chimes hang in a lateral way and are constructed out of hollow tubes. Each tube has its own unique tone that harmonizes with the rest. You can buy versions of these types of wind chimes that are as large as a tree trunk in diameter or as tiny as kid’s piano.

If the gift is for a child then you can buy all kinds of wind chimes that are made from many kinds of interesting materials including precious stones, metals and plastic. Many of the plastic versions feature translucent cartoon characters or happy motifs (like flowers or bunnies) that are meant to knock together in the wind. You can even buy wind chimes that you can wind up or plug in so that they rotate over a baby’s cradle.

If the person you are getting a gift for loves nature then you can also get wind chimes made out of natural materials such as sea shells, crystals and petrified word. Wind chimes made out of agate slices have a particularly pleasing sound.

If the person you are buying the gift for is really into Feng Shui cures then you can’t go wrong getting them a set of wind chimes that are made from hollow flumes of bamboo. When they clank together these bamboo rods make a particularly pleasing sound. They are also an ages old cure for dispersing bad energy. Wherever they are hung in the home they are bound to improve the auspiciousness of the area that the area symbolizes. For instance, bamboo chimes hung in the center of the home can go a long way to dispersing stagnant chi (energy) to do with health as the center of the home symbolizes the health sector.